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My name is Misty Kent. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. When I am not treating clients, I am looking for adventures to pursue and dreams to make a reality. Smash and Burn Rage Room was birthed in my head and became a reality because of the amazing, passionate support of my friend and now business partner, Heather Sultemeier, and the muscles and encouragement of our husbands. Without these 3 incredible people, Smash and Burn Rage Room would still only be a dream floating around in my head.

Having a safe, healthy, creative, crazy fun way to release stress, frustration, anger and any other negative emotion that is pent up is my vision for this rage room. To further enhance the experience, we have added a relaxation room ( The Chill Zone) where customers can reflect on the rage room experience and feel the stress burn and vanish away before exiting the building. Smash and Burn is created for our community that we love and we welcome your dreams and ideas for parties or team building activity. Shoot us an email! [email protected]

I have added links below providing mental health tips for managing stress. If you are struggling with something and need more than a rage room to work through it, I would be happy to provide you a list of resources in the community that address mental health needs. Shoot us an email ! [email protected]



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